Book Review: Story Thieves by Riley James

Review Submitted by Molly H.

When Bethany leaves her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the halls and Owen picks it up, she thinks the worst.  Owen brings the book back to the library, he sees a hand followed by the rest of Bethany leave the book.  Owen learns that Bethany is half-fiction and she is looking desperately for her father who is somewhere in a book. Where Bethany sees something terrible. Owen sees a chance to see his all time favorite character (Keil Gnomefoot) in person.  He convinces Bethany but something goes wrong and they have to set it right to save the world. READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is one of my top three favorite series

Thank you Molly! This book sounds very exciting. It sounds like a perfect book to take with me when I go on vacation Labor Day weekend.  Looking forward to reading it!


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