Dog Diaries: Sparky by Kate Climo


A review by Talia B.

“I was so excited when the new Dog Diaries book: Sparky came out. It is about a fire dog (Sparky) in the time of the great Chicago Fire. At that time, horses instead of engines hauled equipment to fires. So the dogs kept the horses calm. Sparky helped with the rescues during the Great Chicago Fire. If you want to hear more about what Sparky did, you should really read this book.”

“If you like this book and want to read the rest of the series read Dog Diaries #1 Ginger, #2 Buddy, #3 Barry, #4 Togo, #5 Dash, #6 Sweetie, #7 Stubby and #8 Fala. If you want to get the horses side of the story read Horse Diaries: Cinders.”

“I enjoyed this book and think you will too!!!”

Thanks, Talia, great review! If you want to read this great series, check out a title from your library.



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