Summer Book Reviews


We love to hear what books you are reading over the summer!  If you REALLY like a book and want to recommend it to your friends, send us the review and we’ll post it on our blog. (And you’ll get an extra basket raffle for any reviews you send us!) We’ve had several readers submit reviews:

Review by Finn C.

Up Close: Theodore Roosevelt

“You should read Up Close: Theodore Roosevelt. One reason why is it makes you feel like you travel from 1858 to 1919! Another reason is it starts from when he is born (1858) to when he dies (1919). It will talk about Teddy entering politics and when he travels up west to hunt and to retrieve cattle. These are my reasons why you should read Up Close: Theodore Roosevelt

Review by Rohan C.

Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors

“Home Pudding is a young boy in Milkydale with a strong passion for treasure hunting. After the death of his uncle, Drake Pudding, Homer was left with his uncle’s most treasured possession, and old droopy looking dog. After Homer goes through many perils to finish his uncle’s journey to find Rumpold Smeller’s lost treasure, he learns many valuable lessons that a treasure hunter like his uncle would be proud of.

Smells Like Dog is a fund and eventful book. This book teaches you many lessons on perseverance and acceptance. Suzanne Selfors captures the feelings the readers feel for Homer and the rest of his allies. I would definitely recommend this book t animal lovers and adventurous people.”

Review by Cory C.

“I read Babe Ruth Saves Baseball by Frank Murphy. The book teaches you about baseball, and how he was traded by the Red Sox and played for the Yankees. If you love baseball, you would love to read about this legend. Play ball!

Great reviews!  You all get an extra basket raffle! And you make me want to learn more about President Teddy Roosevelt, read a good animal book and find out more about why the Red Sox traded Babe to the Yankees (sorry Boston fans!).

What are you reading? Let us know at the library!



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